EasyJet passenger is pinned to the ground by Paris airport security staff after angrily confronting cabin crew on delayed flight

Shocked passengers watched in horror as a man was hauled off an easyJet flight after getting in a row with cabin crew who it is claimed refused to let him board a delayed flight.

The incident was filmed onboard a plane scheduled to depart from Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport on Friday night.

Dramatic footage shows security grab the enraged man who is angrily confronting staff by his neck and pin him to the floor of the aircraft.

EasyJet flight crew appeared visibly shaken as they witnessed the dramatic event unfolding, with one of the stewards bursting into tears.

Other passengers are heard shouting and urging calm as the scuffle unfolded.

The passenger taps on the guard’s arm as they held him in a secure chokehold.

One witnesses said that three men had been refused access to the plane following a two-hour delay to their flight.

The passenger claimed the chief cabin steward reportedly refused to let the group of men board the aircraft, alleging that they were drunk.

The men then became angry with staff and refused to leave the plane, a decision a witness claimed was supported by some passengers who backed their demands to be allowed fly.

Film of the event was posted to Twitter with the message An arrival with a 2h of delay and a lamentable reception on board that resulted in traumatic abuses for all passengers to @ParisAeroport . In terms of experience client what do you say @easyJet ?

The flight was scheduled to depart Charles De Gaulle airport at around 2110 local time and arrive at Palma de Mallorca airport two hours later.

Passengers were ordered to wait on the aircraft following the incident but were later informed that the flight would be rescheduled from 11am the next day.

A easyJet spokesperson said easyJet is aware of this disruptive passenger incident onboard prior to take off which was extremely distressing for the crew and passengers onboard.

The police were called to assist the crew in dealing with the incident and arrested the passenger

We will not tolerate threatening or violent behaviour towards our crew and will be pushing for prosecution.

We are doing all possible to support the crew members who were subject to this unacceptable behaviour.

The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority.

News Source MirrorNews

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