Dripping ice cream cones a thing of the past – thanks to an invention from two 14 year olds


British summertime calls for ice cream, but anyone who has gobbled down a cone this week will tell you the heat is no friend to chilled out snacks.

Enter the Drip Drop – an invention so mind-numbingly simple you’ll wonder why someone hasn’t come up with it before.

Simply put, it’s a wafer saucer that fits around the cone to catch any errant ice cream drips – and it’s entirely edible, so no waste.

It’s the invention of two 14 year olds who overcame their brain freeze long enough to take a long hard look at our summer snacking habits.

Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald from Denver, Colorado, first came up with the Drip Drop notion when they were 10.

They came second in statewide invention contest, The Gates Invention Program, in 2011, and by last year were granted a patent.

This year they have been seen on the hit show Shark Tank – like Dragon’s Den – and were selected from among 50,000 applicants.

The boys are the youngest entrepeneurs ever to pitch to the Sharks without an adult, and they impressed the hosts.

The pair, currently in the ninth grade, told My Modern Met how they came up with the original idea.

“One day we were walking past an ice cream shop in our Denver neighborhood and we saw these two little kids with drippy hands and messy clothes from their ice cream cones.

“We then noticed how their mom used a handful of napkins to try to clean them up. This image stayed in our minds and a few minutes later suddenly we both turned to each other and had the same thought: something should be done about that problem!”

Currently being tested, Drip Drop’s website will keep enthusiasts informed when the invention becomes available.

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