Disabled man FINALLY receives job offers

Disabled man FINALLY receives job offers

Disabled man Mathew Magrath has finally received job offers from potential employers after an image of him sitting at the side of the road with a sign seeking work was posted to social media.

The Mackay man was pictured sitting on the roadside in his wheelchair holding a sign, desperately seeking work.

Mr Magrath broke his neck 14 years ago in a fall from a two-metre-high balcony which left him hospitalised for six months and unable to walk.

Willing to work hard Sitting on the roadside in his wheelchair, this heartbreaking picture shows a disabled man desperately seeking work

On Wednesday the 33-year-old told Daily Mail Australia he was overwhelmed with the outpouring of positivity and support since the image went viral. 

‘I’ve had about eight potential employment opportunities, some are a few weeks away though,’ he said. 

He has an interview lined up for next week and has sent his resume to more than a dozen people that may have something in the areas where he was formerly employed. 

‘Things are going well and I expect to have employment by the end of next week.’ 

He had been sitting at the roadside for days touting his skills in sales and accounts after applications on Seek and resume drops to local businesses proved fruitless. 

Happier times Mathew Magrath (picutred), from Mackay in northern Queensland, broke his neck 14 years ago, leaving him unable to walk and struggling to find work

Mr Magrath, who has been out of a job for three weeks after moving from Brisbane to Mackay to be closer to family, said he has no desire to go on the dole.

On Tuesday night he told Daily Mail Australia ‘I’ve resorted to holding out this sign to try to get ahead and give myself a better chance.

‘It’s a tough time for everybody but especially when you’re disabled. I find some workplaces are not prepared to take you on because they don’t have the right layout or accessibility for wheelchair users.

‘People also sort of look at disability as an inconvenience in some sense.

‘There is a stigma against disabled people but they’re often very loyal and hard-working.’ 

Determined Mr Magrath (picutred) said he has no desire to be living off a government pension and is desperate to get a job – but is finding it hard to get a foot in the door

Mr Magrath said he has had a few interview offers for administration roles in local businesses since holding out his sign.

With his customary optimistic attitude, he said ‘This is definitely a positive step – I’ve just got to keep going.’

The picture of Mr Magrath sitting at the roadside was taken by Katelyn Neal.

She wrote on Facebook ‘I’ve seen this person two days in a row down on Lagoon street at around 7.30am yesterday and today. 

‘Thought it might be worth a share and in turn this might help them out.

‘I know what it’s like to try to find work and constantly get knocked back. It takes courage to do what he is doing.’ 


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