Deep-fat fryer row: MasterChef judge claims Mary Berry’s criticism is ‘an attack on our British way of life’


MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace has waded into the deep-fat fryer row, claiming that Mary Berry’s criticism of the kitchen appliance is “an attack on our British way of life”. 

The Great British Bake Off judge told Good Housekeeping magazine that she does not think any home should contain deep-fat fryers and also spoke out against fizzy drinks for children.

Now Wallace has launched a withering attack on the 81-year-old celebrity chef, writing that “our nation was built on chips and spam fritters”. 

He added that Berry’s anti- fat-fryer stance “isn’t just an assault on the deep-fat fryer but on the traditional British psyche”. 

Wallace said that while “we probably did use the fryer a little bit too much” when he was young, fatty food is fine in moderation.

Writing in The Sun, he said: “Just thinking about it takes me back to happy times when what we call dinner now was known as ‘tea’ and we ate it around five o’clock. Dinner was what you had at school at midday.

“The smell of deep-fat frying was universal back then, wasn’t it? It brought families and friends together.

“I love Mary dearly but this is an attack on our British way of life. We fry things, that’s what we do. It’s like banning the wok in China or outlawing the pizza oven in Italy. It’s ludicrous.”

Wallace’s attack comes as the latest series of Bake Off is underway,  with twelve new hopeful chefs battling for Berry and Paul Hollywood’s approval. 

Berry told Good Housekeeping earlier this week about her desire to make children more healthy.

“Many people think children must have chips. I don’t think any household should have a deep-fat fryer,” she said. 

“I never fry a doughnut. If you want a doughnut, go and buy one once in a blue moon. It’s about everything in moderation.” 


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