Dad gets tattoo scar on his chest to support two year-old son who has one from heart surgery


A dad has got a tattoo to support his toddler son – and it’s a copy of the little one’s chest scar following heart surgery.

The unnamed dad contacted a tattoo artist and asked if he would do the skin art in order for him to show support for his boy.

And the man, from Chengdu in China, has since been inked with the matching flaw.

Local media reported the text exchange between the dad and the tattooist, Guo.

“My two-year-old son just had heart surgery which left him with a long scar down his chest. I want the same scar tattooed on my chest.”

He adds that his boy is young now, but may appreciate it later.

“Although he’s too young to understand now, he might grow up to feel inferior because of the scar. I want to support him.”

Guo told reporters: “”It’s such a meaningful tattoo and it’s touching to see how much this man loves his child.”

News Source MirrorNews

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