Customer posts stomach-churning video after finding moving parasites inside fresh supermarket fish


A disgusted customer posted stomach-churning footage online showing dozens of moving parasites he claims he found in fresh fish bought from a supermarket .

Marcin Dobas bought the fresh fish in the Auchan supermarket in the central Polish town of Lomianki.

When he started to prepare it for cooking, he said he was surprised to see parasites moving inside the fish.

Mr Dobas posted the footage on social media with the comment: “The fresh fish from Auchan shop in Lomianki.

“It was bought today and gutted today. There was a surprise in the middle – the fish was full of parasites.”

According to Mr Dobas, the fish was an Atlantic mackerel.

The mobile phone clip shows dozens of larvae and worms – probably some nematodes – moving inside of the fish.

The customer said he was sure he was not the only one to have bought the fish and that there was also a possibility that somebody else had eaten the fish with the worms.

Spokesperson of Auchan supermarket Dorota Patejko said: “All the fish are under the supervision of a veterinarian and apply the proper standards of quality and hygiene.

“But despite this there is always a risk that the raw fish caught in the seas and oceans have nematodes.”

The spokesperson added that it was, however, still quite rare and that salting or frying fish should always be considered so that consumption is not dangerous for humans.

Mr Dobas told local media that he took the fish back to the shop, the manager apologised and refunded him.

Nevertheless Mr Dobas decided to inform health and safety inspectors and asked them to investigate the supermarket chain.

Mr Dobas said: “The shop is the end of the fish’s path. If you get the goods, the goods should be safe, you should know that the fish is healthy.

“I do not know whether Auchan is the culprit here. They need to determine what went wrong.”

News Source MirrorNews

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