Crime-fighting eagles trained to take down rogue drones that pose a danger to the public


Police in the Netherlands have unveiled their latest crime-fighting tool – eagles that are specially-trained to take down rogue drones.

With remote-control drones increasingly posing security concerns, the Dutch national police force has come up with an old-fashioned way to take them out of the skies, if necessary.

It has become the world’s first police force to use eagles in such a way, with training and successful tests taking place for nearly a year.

During the first public demonstration, police spokesman Dennis Janus said: It’s a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.”

He said the eagles see the drones as prey, and around 100 police officers will be trained to work with the “flying squad”.

Dutch police plan to deploy the feathered crime fighters at important events, including state visits, or public areas where drones could pose a danger.

The eagles could also be used to take down drones that are being flown too close to airports.

Police officials are satisfied with the tests, which were intended to figure out the best way to bring down drones.

In addition to eagles, police have also looked at using nets or methods to electronically take control of drones.

Addressing concerns from animal rights groups, Janus told AFP: None of the eagles were hurt, but as for the drones, none of them survived.

The eagles see the drones as prey and intercept them as they are flying, before landing where they feel safe with the drone still in their claws.

Dutch police have bought their own birds, which are now five months old, and plan to deploy them as early as next summer.

In the meantime, police will use eagles supplied by a specialist company.

News Source MirrorNews

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