Could Apple Drop Headphone Jack In iPhone 7?


But this time there may not be many major changes as some commentators expect the next big overhaul will come in 2017 when the firm marks 10 years since its debut.

There has been a double digit dip in sales of iPhones in the first two quarters of this year, hit by less demand in countries like China.

One key update this week could be that Apple reportedly plans to get rid of the analogue 3.5mm headphone jack – to make the phone thinner and possibly waterproof.

This has led to speculation that the firm is set to expand its use of wireless technology.

The new models – probably called the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – are also predicted to offer faster processors, more memory and improved cameras.

Axing the jack may also free up space for other components – but it would be a controversial move which one tech blogger called “user-hostile and stupid”.

IPhone buyers will need new headsets that use a digital connection – that could mean changing the headset cord so it plugs into the same port that recharges the device.

Or it could demonstrate Apple’s commitment to wireless earbuds that connect to the phone via a technology such as Bluetooth.

However, today’s wireless Bluetooth headsets can be clunky to set up and sometimes randomly drop out from their phone connections.

And no headphone jack means that existing headsets won’t work with the new iPhones without an adapter.

It’s also not clear how users would plug in their headsets if they are already charging the phone.

Some customers may wait for the iPhone 8 in 2017 before they buy their new device.

Wang Bo, a finance worker in Shanghai, said: “Because it’s just one year, lots of people are choosing to wait for the iPhone 8.

“The changes with the 8 will be much bigger, which I think will be a drag on sales of the new phone this year.”

News Source SkyNews

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