Can you guess which of these pair is the guilty party after owner finds chewed-up flip flop


This adorable pit bull is unable to hide his guilt after his disgruntled owner found a chewed-up flip flop – and demanded an ‘explanation’ from his two pooches.

In the clip, the man sits his two dogs down in front of him, but it is immediately clear who the culprit is from their reactions.

While the cute long-coated Dachshund barely breaks eye contact, the pit bull can barely look in his master’s direction.

The dogs’ owner Daniel Martino, from Tortuguitas in Buenos Aires, holds up part of the destroyed footwear, apparently demanding to know which dog was responsible.

He says: “Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which of you two was it?”

Unable to bear the guilt, the pit bull hides his head behind the Dachshund’s back, leaving Mr Martino in no doubt as to which pooch was to blame.

Daniel adds: “Mr,you over there, did you do this? I am talking to you, look at me.”

But the Dachshund isn’t completely in the clear either, as Daniel tells him: “You’re an accomplice in all of this.”

The video has been viewed several million times .

News Source MirrorNews

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