British backpacker Calvin Hill ‘stuck’ in Cambodia

British backpacker Calvin Hill 'stuck' in Cambodia

A British backpacker who got sepsis after a mosquito bite has been stuck in a hospital in Cambodia for more than two months, his family has said.

Calvin Hill, 27, from Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, came out of a coma and has been declared fit to fly by hospital staff, according to relatives.

They want him home soon amid concern his condition could deteriorate.

But his insurer Flexicover said it did not want to put Mr Hill at any unnecessary risk.

Mr Hill’s mother Tracey said he was found not breathing properly by roommates at a hostel.

Shortly before the collapse, he had complained of feeling groggy after being bitten by mosquitoes, she said.

He spent two weeks in a coma, with doctors telling his family to expect the worst.

He was on life support, his mother said. On three different occasions we were told he wouldn’t make it, and that his liver, kidneys and lungs were failing.

Despite doctors’ predictions he has since come out of the coma and is now able to talk and move his limbs.

It was a miracle, Ms Hill said. I’m not a religious person, but these things do really happen.

Flexicover has agreed to pay for Mr Hill’s treatment and fly him to a facility in Thailand before he makes the 14-hour flight back to the UK.

They are saying he’s too unwell to bring home, but he’s never going to get better until he comes home, his mother said.

It’s such a simple thing to be bitten by a mosquito, but life has changed for us – Calvin will never be the same person.

A spokesman for Flexicover said the case was complex and it would not make any decisions that its own medical specialists felt could hamper Mr Hill’s recovery.

We appreciate that Mr Hill’s friends and family are keen for his return to the UK which we will fully support at a time that is medically appropriate, the spokesman said.

We never put our customers in situations which could lead to unnecessary risk.

News Source BBCNews

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