Britain’s ‘youngest-ever rapist’ sentenced for two attacks against his sister, 9, when he was aged just 11


A boy thought to be Britain’s youngest-ever convicted rapist abused his younger sister when he was just 11 years old, a court heard.

The tiny defendant carried out the sex attacks on his nine-year-old sibling on two separate occasions at their home, a court heard today.

No motive for the rapes was given but magistrates heard the boy was later found with images on his mobile phone.

The lad, now 12, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted two counts of rape at an earlier hearing.

The court did not outline the offences in detail but said they took place on February 26 and March 8 this year.

District Judge Diane Baker sentenced the boy to a 12-month intensive referral order which means he will work with experts to improve his behaviour.

The youngster, who wore a white, untucked shirt and oversized blue tie to court, was also put on the sex offenders’ register for two and a half years.

The judge told the boy at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court in Cornwall: “I’ve read all about you.

“I know a lot about what has happened in your life and your mum’s life in the past and the difficulties you faced and the confusion you face now about how you wish to lead your life.

“But what you did was so serious and so damaging to your little sister.

“She was nine-years-old – she does not understand about those things and you hurt her so seriously that that will last with her for the whole of her life.

“If you were older, I’m telling you now you would be serving a sentence of detention – that’s like prison. But you were only 11.”

The boy, from Devon, was supported in court by his mother and foster mother.

They sat either side of him in a row of chairs set up in front of the glass-panelled dock.

The court heard that “images” had been found on his phone and as a result, the judge asked that he would be supervised when using the internet.

No further details of what the images showed were heard in court.

Judge Baker also said that she wanted social services to make sure the boy had access to “male influences in his life”.

She said to him: “Do you promise me that you’re going to work with everybody and this is not going to happen again? How do you feel about going back to school?”

The boy, who spoke in a quiet, mumbled tone, replied: “I’m happy to go back to school and make friends.”

The judge added: “I know it must be tough for you not to see your brothers and sisters but that’s going to have to remain until it’s safe.”

She told him he would have to cooperate with the authorities and carry out the intensive referral order – or come back to court.

She asked him: “If you don’t do it, what do you think will happen?” The boy – who had to be told to speak up by the judge – replied: “I don’t know.”

The judge said: “They will say you will have to go back in front of Judge Baker – and that’s me.

“I need to know what’s happening with this order and I need to know your behaviour is improving.”

Speaking in court, the boy’s mother said she was happy he was getting the help and support needed.

Prosecuting, barrister Emily Pitts had earlier told the judge: “I don’t know how much detail you require from me.

“It is such a distressing case for all those involved.”

Defending the boy, Jodie Leonard, said: “He is due to start at school again – I asked him how he is getting on. He is working really hard.”

Previously Britain’s youngest convicted rapist was a boy from Bolton, Greater Manchester, who attacked two girls a couple of months before he turned 12 in 2012.

News Source MirrorNews

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