Brit dad who ‘led double life selling crystal meth in Thailand’ killed in horror crash after highspeed police chase

A British dad who allegedly led a double life selling meth in Thailand has been killed in a horror crash following a high-speed police chase.

David Sewell, a real-life ‘Walter White’, appeared to live a normal life after moving to Udon Thani, Thailand, several years ago.

During the day he would visit Buddhist temples, hand out food to the region’s poor, and look after his family’s pet bulldog.

But each night, he would disappear in his unassuming grey Honda Civic.

The 60-year-old’s Thai wife, Maen, 47, says she thought her husband was simply out drinking with pals when he vanished in the vehicle.

But as it turns out, Sewell was apparently leading a double life dealing drugs to other expats and pensioners in the country, local police say.

Cops became suspicious when they saw him acting strangely while parked up on a roadside on Thursday evening with the door open.

They walked over to speak with him, but he is said to have panicked.

At the time, the retired businessman allegedly had a large bag of cannabis, 80 methamphetamine pills, five bags of crystal meth and seven bags of cocaine on the front passenger seat.

Several police cars gave chase at speed for more than six miles, before Sewell ploughed into the back of an 18-wheel truck on a motorway.

He was rushed to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Officers said the drugs were stashed inside empty smartphone boxes.

They believe that the Brit, who ran an importing and exporting business, had been regularly selling them to other expats for several years, mimicking the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pattanawong Janpon, deputy chief of Udon Thani Provincial Police Station, said ”We saw a car with the driver’s door open and went over to see if there was a problem.

We noticed that the driver was a foreigner.

”He was very surprised when he saw us and panicked. He slammed the door closed and drove away quickly.

We knew then that there was something illegal going on so we called for back-up.”

Lieutenant Colonel Janpon said that several patrol cars joined the chase, before Sewell smashed into the back of a lorry at around 9pm.

The police chief added ”The crash happened at about 2100. We immediately called for an ambulance.

”The foreigner was removed from the wreckage but his injuries were life-threatening and he died later in hospital.”

Police contacted Maen, with whom Sewell had one daughter.

She said she and her husband had been married for two years, and that she had ”no idea” he had been involved in drugs.

Officers later found marijuana in the couple’s home in the Sam prao district, and Maen was detained for further questioning.

Lieutenant Colonel Janpon added ”The foreigner’s wife said she had no idea her husband was dealing drugs.

She said that she thought he was out drinking with friends at night time.

”We think that the foreign man had been dealing drugs for several years to other foreigners in the area.

We will investigate the case further.”

News Source MirrorNews

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