Bridesmaid downs drinks with laughing pals just moments before collapsing and choking to death at wedding reception


A bridesmaid celebrating her pal’s wedding collapsed and died after downing drinks at the reception.

Heartbreaking footage from the celebration shows the moment the 28-year-old knocked back various drinks with laughing friends only to suddenly collapse.

The woman was carried away from the party , which was being held in a hotel, by two men who dump her on a luggage trolley and roll her into a lift.

Mirror Online has decided not to show the end of the footage, where the woman begins to choke on her own vomit, before bystanders attempt CPR.

The young woman was rushed to hospital but he could not be revived and she died.

The wedding was being held in Wenchang on the island province of Hainan in China and the full footage, which has spread across Chinese social media has caused outrage.

The woman was being encouraged to drink baijiu, a particularly potent liquor, usually between 40 and 60 per cent alcohol.

Drinking alcohol, and baijiu especially, is considered in many parts of the country to be an important social ritual.

During special gatherings like business dinners and weddings, many guests feel compelled to drink out of fear of otherwise appearing rude.

Police are investigating the incident and have confirmed the woman died after choking on her own vomit after consuming “too much alcohol”.

News Source MirrorNews

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