Bosses share horror stories about workers who got fired on their FIRST day


When you start a new job as a teacher, it’s best not to stand in the corner of the room “laughing at ghosts”.

That’s what one Canadian man did after flying out to teach in South Korea.

Unsurprisingly, he found his tenure quite dramatically short.

His boss explained: “I work as an English teacher in South Korea and, a couple years back, we fired a new teacher we had flown out from Canada on his first day because he kept laughing creepily while observing classes.

“During the dinner break he started chuckling to himself so our director asked him what was so funny. His response was that the ghosts around him were saying really funny things so he couldn’t help but laugh.

“He was told to go home after dinner and be out of his employer-provided housing within three days.”

Remarkably, this isn’t the most untoward story from this Reddit thread, in which employers, bosses and managers have come forward with some regrettable hires.

Here, Redditors reveal what moved them to dismiss their new recruits on their very first day (some are, as ever, NSFW).

‘Freputtscore writes: “Worked for a big book store chain. Hired/fired this guy who thought it would be funny to cancel a five-year-old girl’s ship to home order of Paddington and replace it with [an obscenely-titled sex manual].

“Luckily the employee was a big enough idiot to brag about it, we got the order replaced, and the family was never the wiser.

“Firing him was actually infuriating as he didn’t see how he did anything wrong.”

Tonysnark81 reveals: “I ran one of those calendar kiosks in my local mall as a second job for holiday money. Hiring was done by a temp agency located across the country, and the people sucked accordingly.

“Two days after we opened, I was supposed to have a new guy to train. I got a call from him saying he’d been stabbed on the bus, and was in the hospital.

“I asked him which hospital, and he told me. I have a buddy who worked for the local police department, and I had him make a call for me.

“No such person in the hospital, and no stabbings on any bus line. I called the number I had for him, and his dad answered.

“I identified myself, and explained that I was letting his son go from the job he had blown off.

“The dad was very polite, but as he hung up, I heard him screaming at his “useless f****** c***” son…”

Graphitetshirt recalls: “He tried to buy weed off a customer just because the customer looked like someone who might have weed. He didn’t.”

Icarus638 says: “I didn’t fire this guy personally but I did one better, I arrested him.

“I’m a police officer in the UK, I was forced to help on a recruitment event in our headquarters where applicants turned up, listened to a talk and did a few exams.

“Almost all wore suits or shirts and ties, except one… One was wearing a black polo shirt, black combat trousers and tactical boots, weird and a bad impression but whatever.

“Whilst they do the exam I went into the yard for a smoke, all the applicants had to park in a certain area, which was just by the smoking shelter. One car stood out, it looked just like our unmarked cars, exactly like our unmarkeds. I was a little confused so I had a closer look at it. It had radiator lights and on the back seat was a police issue stab vest.

“I thought that it must be one of our cars parked in the wrong place, it happens. After the exam they left, I watched them leave and lo and behold polo shirt man gets in the “unmarked car”.

“Immediately I jump in a real unmarked and take off after him. I found him two streets away putting blue lights on and driving through a red light.

“I overtook him, put my lights on and blocked him. He gets out waving a fake warrant card telling me he was en route to an emergency.

“Arrested for impersonating a police officer. He was also suspected of doing the same in about three other forces.”

Bobmystery writes: “My chef hired a guy who was less than a week out of prison for dealing. He was just going to wash dishes.

“Seemed like an ok guy, just looking for some work because he had just done five-plus years.

“So, day one, he goes to head chef and asks: ‘Hey man, you know anybody here who wants to buy heroin?’

“Out the door two hours into his first job, just out of the joint.”

Superjsledge remembers: “Caught him snorting some kind of pill.

“He probably could have gotten away with it, if he wasn’t doing it in my office.”

Terrapin writes: “Forty-something year-old woman came in smelling of alcohol in a toys store for her first day as a seasonal employee.

“She threw up on herself in between helping customers.”

Bazlbt says: “Wasn’t a manager but we had a kid who came into the shop and his first day of night shift they couldn’t find him.

“Well they found him after a few hours. He cleaned off a shelf in the parts room and was sleeping on it.”

Log-jammer wildly recalls: “My old manager (matron at a psychiatric secure hospital) told me of a guy who was employed as a healthcare assistant, working with people with a learning disability.

“Part of his role involved escorting patients into the community to help them with shopping.

“He took his first charge to a shopping centre and proceeded to spend £250 on their debit card buying electronic goods for himself… which he then brought back to the hospital and asked for them to be stored in the staff room until the end of his shift. He left with the police.”

Sackofmangoes writes: “He asked my boss out. She said she’s married.

“He then asked her if she’s up for casual sex.

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