Bosnian Everton fan who picked club because they wrote back to him to attend first Goodison Park game


Do you remember how you decided to support your football club?

Was it because they won something? Or you were named after the entire 1961 double winning team? Or maybe you didn’t even have a choice?

Bosnian Aldin Karabeg certainly had one though, and after writing to all 92 English league clubs to ask why he should support them, he settled on Everton thanks to their kind response .

It also helped that the Blues have another Bosnian on board already, with Mo Besic on hand to present new Blue Aldin with a signed shirt upon a recent visit to the club’s Finch Farm training ground.

And now Aldin will get to sample Goodison Park for the first time at Friday night’s clash with Crystal Palace , which he’s very excited about.

“Everton’s response inspired me to find out and learn more about the club,” he said. “The more I learn about the club, the more I fall in love with it. How they have treated me is living proof of why Everton are the People’s Club.”

It hasn’t taken him long to start talking like an Evertonian then, but has he made the right choice?

If you had the chance, would you roll the dice and support another club? Vote below.

News Source MirrorNews

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