Blind parents-to-be can ‘see’ their unborn babies with 3D ultra sound scans that produce models


Expectant parents with sight issues are being given the chance to ‘see’ their unborn baby scans thanks to an innovation which prints 3D models of the foetus in the womb.

The groundbreaking innovation means that even mums and dads with visual impairments can have an experience of ‘seeing’ their unborn baby as it appears on an ultrasound scan.

Thanks to Polish firm In Utero 3D, a bas-relief of 3D print of an unborn child can be created – all they need is a file with a 3D ultrasound examination.

Their website explains: “We do not manipulate ultrasound images, we do not idealise baby’s face, we only port it to another data storage device.”

The models are printed in ecru coloured non-toxic bioplastic material, they explain.

“The bas-relief is a true three dimensional representation of baby and environment in the mother’s womb. We maintain all proportions, spatial relations and actual dimensions of unborn child.”

The project, which is intended for blind mothers to have a unique chance to see their unborn babies, is soon to be offered to pregnant women outside of Poland.

Ideally a scan will be taken in the 18th to 30th week of pregnancy “then saved in Cartesian Volume Files (*.vol) format in case of GE Voluson or DICOM (*.dcm) format in case of Aloka instrument”.

The files are then sent to In Utero 3D using a secure server and take between four and seven hours of to print on the 3D printer.

One Grzegorz Romanowscy, told the company that the idea fascinated him and his partner Natalia.

“I was pleased to listen to the beating of his heart, but so far I could not see him,” he explains.

Following the print-out, the patient at the Dolno?l?skie Centrum Ginekologii in Wroclaw called it: “A revelation and amazing feeling. I can touch and palpate every detail of the face of my little Johnny.

“I feel the nose, mouth, eyes – all the details are very clear. Now I can perceive how our baby looks like in 1:1 scale.

News Source MirrorNews

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