Bizarre Syria Tourism adverts feature packed beaches, jet skis and historical sites – that ISIS blew up


With its beautiful beaches and azure blue seas, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a relaxing holiday at this exotic looking paradise?

Well, lots of people probably – because that luxurious tourist hot spot you see before you is actually Syria.

Undaunted by a five-year civil war and the rise of ISIS, Syria’s tourist board has released a series of unfeasibly optimistic promos showcasing everything the country has to offer holidaymakers.

Featuring swooping shots of packed beaches and luxury hotels, care-free tourists are seen jet skiing across pristine looking waters as the sun sets on another glorious day.

The footage is in stark contrast to the harrowing pictures we usually associate with Syria today – of cities levelled by air strikes, of millions left homeless and bloodied children sitting dazed after being pulled from the rubble that was once their home .

Neither is their any mention of Islamic State, the murderous jihadist caliphate that now controls large swathes of the country under brutal Sharia law.

Instead, the clip ends with the words: “Syria, Always Beautiful.”

Another video features breathtaking views of some of the country’s most beautiful historical landmarks – some of which have since been destroyed by ISIS.

While Syria’s tourist board might be putting a positive spin on things, the videos serve as a depressing reminder of what a beautiful country Syria was before the war.

For example, after almost a year under the control of ISIS, the city of Palmera – home to some of the oldest ancient monuments in the world – is almost unrecognisable now its back in the hands of Syrian forces.

ISIS’ true assault on Palmyra revealed in heartbreaking before and after images of the ancient city

News Source MirrorNews

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