Baby raped, tortured and murdered after being snatched from parents’ hotel room

Baby raped, tortured and murdered after being snatched from parents' hotel room

A man has been arrested after a 13-month-old baby girl was raped, tortured and murdered after being snatched from her parents’ hotel room.

The parents woke up to find their daughter missing from their hotel room in Florencia, Colombia.

A search party was dispatched and her tiny body was found in a water tank at the city’s El Bostezo hotel.

Police believe she was kidnapped, abused and killed by another guest.

Hotel owner Jose Hernandez admitted that the security guard in charge of the area had fallen asleep on duty.

Nelly Tique, the baby’s grandmother, is demanding justice for the family.

Police have sent the baby’s body for an autopsy as part of their investigation into her death.

Javier Navarro, head of the police in Caqueta, said an arrest had been made but the investigation was still ongoing.

Officers needed to collect more evidence more the suspect was charge, he said.

Detectives have not named the man they have arrested or the little girl.

The parents are receiving counselling, police said.

Psychologist Karen Abudinen said It is a harrowing situation that the young mother is going through, that is why we are not going to leave her for a single moment while she tries to come to terms with it.

The girl’s family were stopping at the hotel on their way from the neighbouring department of Huila to the city of San Vicente del Caugan in Caqueta.

News Source MirrorNews

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