Aren’t carnivals supposed to be fun? Policeman filmed punching woman in face before pulling gun in over the top reaction to a scuffle


Never mind cops dancing with revellers in the Notting Hill, over in Brazil a woman is punched in the face by a policeman at a carnival in this shocking footage.

The grainy clip shows a row breaking out between revellers and officers at a festival in Brazil, where a man is remonstrating with law enforcers for an unknown reason.

The woman is seen getting in between the two men, pushing the policeman away from the rest of the group.

Suddenly the officer loses his mind, spinning the woman round before flooring her with a savage right hook.

Witnesses can be heard gasping in shock, but the cowardly cop tries to take control of the situation by pulling out his gun and raising it high into the air for everyone to see.

The footage was posted on LiveLeak and has drawn shock from viewers.

“Calm down cop, you’re not off duty,” said one.

A British viewer added: “He wouldn’t get away with that if he did it in my neck of the woods. Scumbag.”

News Source MirrorNews

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