Apple expected to unveil three new iPhones

Apple expected to unveil three new iPhones

Analysts believe the tech giant will unveil three new smartphones – one with a larger display, one with a cheaper edge-to-edge screen, and a possible gold-coloured successor to the iPhone X.

The event’s gold-themed invitation fuelled speculation that the company planned to release a gold-coloured handset, with the current iPhone X models only available in silver and grey.

Documents filed at the US Federal Communications Commission uncovered earlier this year showed Apple had sought approval of a gold iPhone X but had never released the version.

Exclusive This is ‘iPhone XS’ — design, larger version, and gold colors confirmed https// by @_inside

Adding to the excitement surrounding the new models, technology website 9to5Mac posted images of two gold iPhones -one larger than the other – stacked on top of each other.

According to the website, the new Apple flagship model will be called the iPhone XS. It also said the phone maker planned to release a new version of the Apple Watch, with a larger display and reduced edges.

9to5Mac said the images released were not mockups but Apple’s actual planned products. However, it declined to say how it got hold of the pictures.

Apple event invite just arrived! Sept 12, as predicted.

Apple did not respond to news agency requests for comment about the authenticity of the photographs.

Traditionally, the company releases its new phone models in the second week of September, and announces key updates to other product lines.

Apple has already introduced updates to base-model iPads and some Macbook laptops this year.

The new iPhones typically go on sale a few weeks after they are unveiled – in time for Christmas shopping season.

News Source SkyNews

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