45 Trapped For Night In Mont Blanc Cable Cars


A total of 110 people became trapped as they rode the Vallee Blanche Cable Car at about 4.30pm on Thursday.

Crews had managed to bring 80 of them to safety on Thursday evening before darkness and bad weather set in.

Most were airlifted out of the cable cars by helicopter, while those closest to the ground were able to climb down with the help of rescuers.

But the 45 other holidaymakers, including a 10-year-old child, had been left suspended at an altitude of 3,800m (12,500ft) in the Alps overnight after the rescue operation was suspended.

Officials say they were given water, food and survival blankets to help them contend with the chilly conditions.

First aid workers also stayed inside the cabins to reassure the passengers throughout the night.

Early on Friday morning, however,  the cable car operator said that the tangled cables had been repaired and the passengers had been brought back to the French city of Chamonix and the town of Courmayeur in Italy.

The attraction offers close-up views of Western Europe’s tallest mountains, as well as the steep glaciers and valleys found below.

Each cabin carries four passengers, and the 5km ride is normally meant to take 30 to 35 minutes.

Georges-Francois Leclerc, prefect for the Haute-Savoie region, said: “We’re in summer season…so there isn’t a severe cold”.

Mathieu Dechavanne, the chief executive of the company that operates the attraction, said the cabins became stuck after overhead cables crossed over for “unknown reasons”.

Workers attempted to untangle the lines but were unsuccessful, prompting the mountain rescue effort.

The Vallee Blanche Cable Car connects the renowned Aiguille du Midi mountain in the Mont Blanc with the Pointe Helbronner.

News Source SkyNews

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