11yearold Drake fan gets heart transplant

11yearold Drake fan gets heart transplant

Sofia Sanchez posted a video asking the Canadian star to help her celebrate her birthday earlier this month.

Drake was later filmed at her bedside in the Chicago hospital.

It was later revealed on Sofia’s Instagram page that she would receive a heart transplant.

An update posted to the girl’s GoFundMe page on Monday confirmed the surgery had been a success.

Sofia is out of surgery! Surgery went well, the statement said.

She received a really good, strong heart. They will keep her asleep for the remainder of the night. Thank you for your prayers.

Drake sneaked into the ward to cries of Oh my god! from the delighted young girl which was recorded and went viral.

You asked me to come, I’m here. What’s up? Drake told her.

The pair took selfies as they celebrated in the hospital ward.

The news she would receive a transplant was revealed on her Instagram page.

After her mother told her the news, Sofia hugged her and said I’m getting a heart mum! Oh my God!

News Source SkyNews

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